Are you unsafe at home?

Has your partner, ex, carer, family member or someone you’re in a family-like relationship with ever:

Made you uncomfortable or afraid?(Required)
Controlled where you go or who you speak to?(Required)
Acted aggressively towards others who are viewed as ‘competition’?(Required)
Controlled your finances, including denying you access to money, including your own?(Required)
Forced you to do sexual things you don’t want to do?(Required)
Limited your access to necessities, including face masks or healthcare?(Required)
Made significant financial decisions without talking to you?(Required)
Made you feel scared to say ‘no’?(Required)
Physically attacked or hurt you?(Required)
Regularly put you down, humiliated you or attacked your self-esteem?(Required)
Stalked or monitored you, including online?(Required)
Stopped you from practising religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs and rituals?(Required)
Manipulated religious teachings or cultural traditions to excuse their behaviour?(Required)
Used your sexuality, gender expression, transgender or HIV status against you?(Required)
Threatened to take away custody of your children?(Required)
Threatened your visa status?(Required)
Threatened you or your loved ones, including pets or animals?(Required)
Threatened to hurt themselves if you leave them?(Required)
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