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We all have a role in recognising and responding to family violence, wherever we live, work and play. But for some of us home is not always safe.

We can all start a conversation to end family violence. Ask – ‘are you safe at home?’, listen without judgement and offer support.

People experiencing abuse need the support of people in all areas of their life, especially in their workplace. By asking the question and offering support you can make all the difference on someone’s journey to safety.

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Enrol in our self-paced eLearn on how to have safe and respectful conversations about family violence.
Our short eLearn resource is for anyone who want to learn more about how to have safe and respectful conversations about family violence, including in the workplace.

The eLearn will cover content including:

  • What family violence is
  • How to recognise the signs that someone in your life may be experiencing family violence, including in the workplace
  • How people can have safe and respectful conversations about family violence with anyone in their lives, including colleagues
  • How to access support

By completing this eLearn, you’ll be better equipped to support colleagues, friends, or family members who may be experiencing family violence.

You’ll be able to recognise signs of family violence, ask important questions, and respond appropriately. With the resources and knowledge gained from this eLearn, you can make a positive impact in your workplace and community.

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