Get Involved


There are a number of ways you can get involved with Are You Safe at Home? all year around. You can raise awareness, start a conversation, donate, or get your workplace involved.


Research shows that approximately two thirds of people who experience domestic and family violence are in the workforce. 

Work might be the only place a person experiencing family violence can safely speak about their experiences and ask for help.

By creating a workplace where colleagues are empowered to have conversations about safety, your workplace can be part of the solution to ending family violence in our community.

Family violence is a workplace issue – for the wellbeing and safety of staff, and workforce performance. 

Safe, fair, and equitable responses to customers impacted by family violence is good business practice.

Whether you are looking to create a whole- of- organisation gender equity and prevention approach, or starting with your organisation’s family violence leave policy – Safe and Equal is here to partner with your organisation. 

Are you…

  • Searching for the right speaker to spark the conversation with your organisation and your executive?
  • Hoping to link in with people with lived experience of family violence to inform your work?
  • Need specialist advice on your organisation’s family violence leave policy?
  • Looking to upskill your workforce in recognising and responding to family violence in the workplace and with customers?

Reach out by emailing to find out how we can partner with your business on your journey to creating a safer and more equitable workplace and business.

During Are You Safe at Home? Day on May 10 or throughout the year you could:

Host an event

Engage your friends, family or colleagues and host an event to raise awareness around family violence.


Raise awareness

Share Are You Safe at Home? content with your networks further raise awareness around family violence.

Start the conversation

Simply ask someone you know, ‘are you safe at home?’. You can start a conversation to end family violence. 


Donate today and share in our vision for a world where women and children can live fulfilled lives, free from fear and violence. 

We advocate for change by working with our members and women who have experienced family violence. 

We partner with other organisations, conduct research projects, speak at public forums and through the media and promote innovative ideas. 

We need your help to change the world for women and children living with family violence.

You can add your voice to our campaigns or the campaigns we support.

Are You Safe at Home? is an initiative run by Safe and Equal.