Are You Safe at Home? Day Toolkit 2022


10 May is Are You Safe at Home? Day. It’s an opportunity to ask someone in your life, ‘are you safe at home?’— start a conversation to end family violence. 

Asking such an important question can be tough, so the Are You Safe at Home? website features lots of helpful tips, conversation starters and information to help you start your potentially lifesaving chat with a friend, family member or colleague.

Safe and Equal developed the ‘Are You Safe at Home?’ campaign in 2020 in response to an increased risk of family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign provides victim survivors with information about what family violence is, ways to stay safe, and where to find support. The campaign also provides friends, family and community members with information about how to respond appropriately if they suspect someone they know is unsafe at home.  

There are so many ways you can get involved in Are You Safe at Home? Day 2022; one way is to raise awareness about family violence with your friends, family or community. The Are You Safe at Home? toolkit features social media and digital tiles that are ready to use to help you raise awareness around family violence.

Mark 10 May in your calendar this year and let’s start the conversation – because we all have the right to feel safe at home.